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Camera Tray

It is a mount for the camera and housing. The handle(s) is/are made of carbon fiber and includes an aluminum steady tray which is CNC proceed. Each handle can be taken apart and filled with water inside to adjust the buoyancy.

The screw of the mount can move around 30mm.
They are suitable for Double Ball Arm and Clamp.



The diameter of handle: 30.9mm

Photo Product No. Content
CTL-2120 Camera Tray with Single Handle
CTLS-2120 CTL-2120*1 + CFA-3708*1 + Clamp*2 + SBA-0308*1
CTU-2120 Camera Tray with Double Handle
CTUD-2120 CTL-2120*2 + CFA-3708*2 + Clamp*4 + SBA-0308*2