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CB-50D(Including a QP-144750 Plate)

Our new CB-50D ballhead utilize a dual-calliper style locking mechanism: one set for locking base plate, and one set for locking the ballhead sphere. Use a calliper style lock to lock on the base plate is our new invention, and it will lock the base plate tighter than other ballhead designs.

CB-50D is designed especially for our tournament class tripod. By attaching CB-50D, our new tripod leg tubes will not touch the ballhead knobs at its' reverse folding position. The sphere and the base plate of CB-50D are controlled by individual locking mechanisms. CB-50HN locks both its' sphere and base plate by a main knob, but adding a sphere control knob to lock the sphere alone and the plate rotates freely.

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Head Height 10.8cm / 4.25 inch

Weight 591g / 1.30 lbs

Ball Diameter 50mm / 1.97 inch

Max Load 19kg / 41 lbs

Thread Size 38/"

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