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User Instruction:

Our bike mount is shipped un assembled. When buyer receives the package, please follow the instructions for assembly.

  • Photo #1

First, use our enclosed 3mm hexagonal wrench to attach the mount bracket on the bike handle bar. Do not screw in tightly. Then, use another enclosed 2.5mm hexagonal wrench to lock the mounting platform onto the bracket tightly as seen in photo #1. Adjust the bracket angle (one's camera angle) to the desired angle, and then tighten up all the screws to fix bike mount into location.



  • Photo #2

If mounting a larger camera or a camera/lens combination is desired, one should first attach a ballhead to the mounting platform.


1. Safety first! Please attention to the road if you plan to ride and take photos.
2. This bike mount is recommended for smooth road surface only. Using it on rough road surface may damage the photography equipments.
3. For use with video camera, please avoid the hard drive and DVD type video cameras. The vibration from bike riding may cause the video camera to malfunction.