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Feisol provide 7 days Return and exchange

If the buyer, finds that our tripod is not suitable for his/her need, and wish to return to us for a refund, they can send back to Feisol within 7 days after receiving, the buyer will be responsible for any return freight charge.

If he/she wishes to exchange for other tripod, he should do that within 7 days after receiving, in addition to paying the return freight charge, the buyer has to also pay freight charge on the new tripod. If the buyer receives a new tripod with defects, then the below warranty applies. For return or exchange, the buyer needs to be responsible for return freight charge.

Within our three years warranty period, if there is any damage due to manufacture defect or parts defect, then the user will be responsible for return shipping cost only. For other damages, the user is responsible for roundtrip shipping cost and also for parts and labor cost. Please also be kindly noted that we do not burden the indemnity obligations of other equipment damage or malfunction caused by operating our products. Our factory is located in Taiwan. All tripods requiring service and repair have to be shipped back to Taiwan only. So if you check your local post office, you can probably estimated the shipping cost.

For small parts damage due to manufacture defect or parts defect, we usually ship replacement parts to our customers free of charge even it's passed warranty period. If carbon fiber tube is damaged due to cause other than manufacture defect, then we will charge the material cost for replacement tube. All parts are ship from us directly to our customers and also give them instruction on repair.

Basically, we will try our best to fulfill our customers' needs, no matter purchasing new items or repair old items.