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Bike Mount
The joy of bicycle riding has widely spread out recently, and has become a leisure sport trend. With the increasing need of cycling photographers, Feisol Co. has developed a photographic camera bracket for mounting camera on the bicycle handle bar. With this new innovation, the bikers can enjoy scenery riding, and taking pictures from his bicycle.

There will be 2 sizes of the bike mount to different handle bar diameter: one size fits 25.4mm diameter handle bar, the other size fits 31.8mm diameter handle bar. The ordering size of bike mount depends on the bicycle handle bar size which the photographer owns.

Our Bike Mount comes with a 1/4" screw and a 3/8" screw to fit different camera designs. For compact camera thickness less than 6cm, one can use the 1/4" screw. For a larger camera/lens combination, or video camera, a ballhead is required. And 3/8" screw can be used to attach ballhead.


1. Safety first! Please attention to the road if you plan to ride and take photos.
2. This bike mount is recommended for smooth road surface only. Using it on rough road surface may damage the photography equipments.
3. For use with video camera, please avoid the hard drive and DVD type video cameras. The vibration from bike riding may cause the video camera to malfunction.