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Install mount:

First step, either install ballhead mount or center column on the tripod.  A hexagonal wrench can be used to install/detach ballhead mount from tripod or center column.

Large Tripod CT-3371/CT-3471 (use 4mm hexagonal wrench)
Tournament Class Tripod CT-3342/CT-3442 (use 2.5mm hexagonal wrench)

Standard Class Tripod CT-3301/CT-3401/CT-3402  (use 2mm hexagonal wrench)



Install Ballhead:

first you must secure the center column tightly on the tripod, then one hand holding center column, and one hand holding ballhead, and screw in the ball head clock wide into the screw on the mount.


Instruction on installing the spike on FEISOL large size tripods and monopod:

Please remove the rubber on end of legs by sticking a wood stick or similar object between the rubber cap and aluminum ring at end of leg. Then by pushing forward and around the ring, the rubber cap can be taken off. Then one can put on the spike and lock it tightly with supplied wrench.