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A revolutionary photographic handcart was launched! Our FEISOL handcart is such a breakthrough which combines the convenience of a regular handcart with the supporting function of a tripod. From now on, long time travel photography trips will be hassle free and fun.

The photographic handcart will be launched in two versions. One is our elegant carbon fiber version, the other is our economical aluminum version. Both versions are equipped with complex telescopic poles made of carbon fiber.

All metal parts of photography handcart are precisely CNC milled; even the mud guards are made of the similar process. The building cost is much higher than a carbon fiber tripod. This is truly a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind product, and the designs are patent pending.

The features are listed below:
Whole carbon fiber version handcart

carbon fiber/Aluminum alloy version handcart

Weight 2.3kg (without handle foam) 2.5kg (without handle foam)
Max Height 158cm 158cm


  • 1. Ballhead - any 3/8" ballhead can be attached to it.
    Part no. 1 Quick release lock. Unlock the lock to adjust handle angle.
    Part no. 2 Quick release knob. Turn to adjust the tightness of the lock.
  • 2. Complex telescopic poles - it can be the grabbing handle of the handcart, but also acts as a camera/lens support.
  • 3. Extra pockets - easy to tuck away your water bottle or other stuffs for hand free operation.
    Part no. 3 Safety pin. Press it to fold down the telescopic handle bar.

Whole carbon fiber version handcart

Carbon fiber/Aluminum alloy version handcart

  • 4. Rain cover pocket - there is a built-in rain cover inside the pocket to add weather proof protection to your gears in the rain.
  • 5. Rear leg supports - when using telescopic pole as camera/lens support, the rear leg supports can be open to increase the stability of the operation. When finished, the supports can be tucked away.
  • 6. Mudguard - to block excessive mud or water to splash your valuable gears when pulling on a wet road or wet floor on rainy days.
    Part no. 4 handcart base pin lock. When unfolding the handcart base, press in the pins on both sides to lock base into position. Push both pins out to fold up the handcart base. Sometimes the pins will be hard to push out. It helps to get them out by rocking base slightly while pushing.
    Part no. 5 Support leg pin lock. It locks the support leg in either fold-up position or downward position. The pin must be pulled out before positioning the support leg. Fail to pull out the pin before moving the support leg may cause damage to the pin lock or support leg.

1. The purpose of our photographic handcart is to simulate monopod function and bring basic support. It does not intend to provide sturdy support similar to a traditional tripod. When bonding camera and lens on the handcart ballhead, your hand(s) must be kept on the handle or camera all time to provide support.

2. The maximum loading weight for handcart is 8 kg. The maximum load for the telescopic support and ballhead is 5 kg. Equipment overload may result in handcart damage and equipment damage!

3. 2 straps are provided for securing the object(s) on the handcart. Please fasten your object carefully and check fro time to time for maximum protection.

4. When pulling the handcart with camera and lens attached on the ballhead, please watch out for the road condition. If the road surface is too rough and the handcart vibrates too hard, it may damage your camera equipments.