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Quick Release Clamp and Quick Release Plate

This clamp can be used on any tripod/monopod with either 3/8" or 1/4" size screw or any mount without build-in quick release mechanism. Our safety features can prevent camera/lens from falling off accidentally.

If tripod/monopod has a 3/8" screw, QRC-50 can be screwed on directly. If tripod/monopod has a 1/4" screw, then an adapter screw (included with QRC-50 purchase) needs to be installed onto tripod/monopod first, then screw QRC-50 on tripod/monopod.

Please note that, if you are purchasing a quick release clamp, you must also order a matching quick release plate, which is sold separately.

  • Quick Release Specifications
Please see below for dimensions and diagrams of FEISOL quick release plate and clamp. Quick release plates of other makes may or may not work fit out clamp, and will definitely lose the safety lock feature. FEISOL can not be held liable for any ballhead or equipment damages caused by installing non-FEISOL plate to use with the ballhead. For anyone thinking about using their existing quick release plate, please try at your own risk.

  • Quick release plates
Length Width Weight
QP-40 40mm / 0.16in 38mm / 0.15in 23.8g / 0.05lbs
QP-144750 50mm / 1.96in 47mm / 1.85in 75g / 0.17lbs
QP-1447100 100mm / 3.93in 47mm / 1.85in 78g / 0.17lbs
QP-200 200mm / 7.87in 47mm / 1.85in 200g / 0.44lbs


300mm / 11.81in 47mm / 1.85in 460g / 1.02lbs
QP-400C 400mm / 15.75in 47mm / 1.85in 520g / 1.15lbs


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380mm / 15in 47mm / 1.85in 268g / 0.59lbs


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50.5mm / 1.99in 90mm / 3.54in 100g / 0.22lbs