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CT-3372Ⅱ / CT-3472Ⅱ  The lightest heavy duty tripod

This tripod has inherited the superior specifications of the previous tournament grade tripod. All the metal parts are CNC milled from the high grade 6061 T6 Aluminum solid blocks, and are extremely lightweight yet bears great strength. FEISOL is taking the mission impossible on the large tripod design. We want to show the world that large tripod can be sturdy yet lightweight at the same time.
Specifications          Note: all the weights are without handle foam.
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Max Height Folded Length Minimum Height Weight
Without foam wrap
Max Load Leg Section Maximum Leg
Tube Diameter
CT-3372 148cm/58.3inch 62cm/24.4inch 10cm / 3.9inch 1.72kg / 3.8lbs 30kg / 66lbs 3 37mm / 1.5inch
CT-3472 149cm/58.7inch 51cm/20.1inch 8cm / 3.1inch 1.78kg / 4lbs 30kg / 66lbs 4 37mm / 1.5inch




CT-3372 with Mount Plate

CT-3472 with LB-7572

CT-3472 with Center Column


Available Options


CT-3472 CCKit



3 Stainless Steel Spikes

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