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The newly designed FEISOL CT-3471 tripod is our larger size tripod.  It has a maximum leg tube diameter of 37mm.  It's very sturdy even when loading larger photo/video equipments.  We also add an angle lock between tripod base and leg, so user can quickly adjust the leg angle into 25/75/90 degrees by push button operation.  CT-3471 can be functioned in different combinations:  with simply a ballhead mount, or a center column for additional height, or a level base. The specification and dimension of our leg tubes are very precise that, when extending out or pushing in leg tubes, air can form an airtight chamber inside the leg tubes and make it hard to push in or pull out. Therefore, when extending or collapsing leg tubes, it will take a few seconds to counter air resistance.

Note: all the weights are without handle foam.
Max Height 150cm / 59.1inch
Maimum Extended Height
Center column is optional
190cm / 74.8inch
Folded Length 54cm / 21.3inch
Minimum Height 7cm / 2.8inch
1 Weight 2.3kg / 5.1lbs
1 Max Load 25kg / 5.5lbs
Leg Section 4
1 Maximum Leg Tube Diameter 37mm / 1.5inch


Available Options  


LB-75100 for CT-3371/CT-3471


Carbon Fiber Center Column

CT-3471 CCKit (for CT-3471)

3 Stainless Steel Spikes

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Free Bag for CT-3471