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CT-3372 L The lightest heavy duty tripod

Our new second-generation CT-3372L M2 has improved some of the disadvantages of the FEISOL CT-3372 Mark I and added the new function of the bobble level. All aluminum parts are made of CNC machine-cutting aluminum 6061, light  weight design allows a tripod with an operating height of 200 cm and weighs only 1950 grams.

A multi-function combination that can be used with standard plate or an extra optional center column and Leveling Base for the CT-3372L M2 to have a wider range of usage modes.


Specifications          Note: all the weights are without handle foam.
  1 1 1
Max Height Folded Length Minimum Height Weight
Without foam wrap
Max Load Leg Section Maximum Leg
Tube Diameter
CT-3372 L 200cm / 78.7inch 81cm / 31.9inch 14cm / 5.5inch 1.95kg / 4.3lbs 30kg / 66lbs 3 37mm / 1.5inch



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3 Stainless Steel Spikes

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