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CT-3372LV L The lightest heavy duty tripod

Our new second-generation CT-3372L LV M2 has improved some of the disadvantages of the FEISOL CT-3372 LV Mark I and added the new function of the bobble level. All aluminum parts are made of CNC machine-cutting aluminum 6061. The lightweight design allows the CT-3372L LV M2 plus an angle adjustment  Center Column with height up to 260 cm and a weight of only 2400 grams.


Specifications          Note: all the weights are without handle foam.
  1 1 1
Max Height
with center column
Max Height
with center column down
Folded Length
with center column
Minimum Height
without center column
with center column
without foam wrap
Max Load Leg Section Maximum Leg
Tube Diameter
CT-3372LV L 260cm / 102.4inch 205cm / 80.7inch 86cm / 33.9inch 10.5cm / 4.1inch 2.4kg / 5.3lbs 30kg / 66lbs 3 37mm / 1.5inch



Available Options



3 Stainless Steel Spikes

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