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Here is the newly developed CT-3441S tripod. We have improved the twist lock from CT-3441 and make it easier to lock on, also we have increased the length of the twist lock to make it easier to twist. The new CT-3441S has the same reverse folding length as the CT-3441. However, due to the increased length in twist lock section, the fully extended height will be 8cm shorter than of the original CT-3441. CT-3441S can also install different spikes to suit different terrains. It has a more solid feel than the original CT-3441.
Specifications          Note: all the weights are without handle foam.
  1 1
Max Height
with center column down
Max Height
extended center column
Minimum Height
with optional short column
Folded Length Weight Max Load Leg Section Maximun Leg
Tube Diameter
CT-3441S 128cm / 50.3inch 178cm / 70.1inch 19cm / 7.5inch 43cm / 16.9inch 1.17kg / 2.58lbs 20kg / 44lbs 4 28mm / 1.1inch

CT-3441S with a CB30D ballhead


Other Color (including a CB-30C)
Four-section tripods CT-3441SB Blue Four-section tripods CT-3441SB Golden Four-section tripods CT-3441SB Red


Available Options

CC-2807 Short Column


3 Short Spikes

3 Long Spikes