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CT-3372LV Ⅱ/ CT-3472LV Ⅱ
The lightest large size tripods we ever produced, CT-3372/CT-3472, have become the preferred tripod by many photographers right after their launch.  Now we have improved the original models, and are presenting the revised models CT-3372LV/CT-3472LV.  Not only CT-3372LV/CT-3472LV are lighter than the tripods of the same class in the market, they are also equipped with a leveling base center column for quick angle adjustment.  When center column is not needed, it can be taken off and regular mount base can be mounted for further weight reduction.  There are so much more versatility, and we truly invite you to experience for yourself.
Specifications          Note: all the weights are without handle foam.
  1 1 1 1
Max Height
With center column
Folded Length
With center column
Folded Length
Without center column
Minimum Height
Without center column
With center column
Without foam wrap
Max Load Maximum Leg
Tube Diameter
CT-3372LV Ⅱ
3 sections
191cm / 75.2inch 68cm / 26.8inch 62cm / 24.4inch 8cm / 3.1inch 2.25kg / 5lbs 30kg / 66lbs 37mm / 1.5in
CT-3472LV Ⅱ
4 sections
177cm / 69.7inch 57cm / 22.4inch 51cm / 20inch 7cm / 2.8inch 2.29kg / 5ibs 30kg / 66lbs 37mm / 1.5in
3372LV Ⅱ

3472LV Ⅱ