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Phone Holder

Due to the camera function built into the mobile phone technology is getting better and better, and the population using mobile phones is getting more and more, we have developed several mobile phone holders.

  • PH-6360
We have developed PH-6360 mobile phone holders, it has 1/4" hole, which can be installed on the existing ballhead directly.........detail >>
  • PHB-0707

PHB-0707 mobile phone holders, it is a complete holder set with a heavy hammer that can fix the phone and adjust the angle. No need to assemble it with other tripods or ballheads.

PHB-0707 can also remove the heavy hammer and install it on the TT-15 tripod. The using way is very flexible......

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  • PHM-1010
We have launched a new mobile phone holder PHM-1010. This mobile phone holder has 2 adjustable angle arms, which allows the mobile phone to be more flexibly adjusted to the desired position, but as the arm can make big extension, so it is best to use TT-15 to not dump.......detail >>
  • BM318-6360
BM318-6360 is a mobile phone holder which can mounted on a bicycle, it is convenient for navigation and video recording when riding a bicycle......
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